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Peace Train

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Ok, so it may be awkward and slightly infringe on the no politics rule, however, it is part of our Island's railway history. I remember being at a debate in the early '90s , feelings ran high about the peace train people, and I indeed was rather more opinionated myself back then, but it was indeed part of a wider desire to move forward and show some sort of willingness to shake off the past. I don't remember there being many actual trains. Here is a photo I pinched from the web:



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I don't know my NIR DBSOs/DVTs well enough to make out the details of the trains on this archival video as I'm looking at a smart phone right now. The only coach I can make out at the end of the film is probably 931. They seem to have been in the bumblebee livery.



No DBSOs or DVTs in this clip. The 1st train is an 6 car 80 Class DEMU. The last coach at the end of the clip is a Brake First Generator Van. Coach 931 was a Mk 2b 2nd Class coach, which subsequently became an 80 Class Intermediate coach.

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They seem to have been in the bumblebee livery. ]

The later peace trains had that ''bumblebee livery'' but like all livers they moved with the times, the earlier peace trains had the NIR red suburban livery, I travel on 1 of 2 peace trains on Saturday 29th February 1992, 1 of the organisers that day was a very young Joan Burton, now leader of the Labour Party, the 2nd peace train that day had a mixed of old and new red NIR suburban livery, an eventful day, we where stopped in Dunleer for 2 hours due to a security alert, the 9.00 Enterprise from Belfast was stopped beside us with 113 MK2 coaches, the 2nd peace train behind us was stopped at Skerries, after 2 hours at Dunleer the Gardai and a Dundalk inspector arrived in locomotives 129+181, the Gardai arriving on a 121 was amusing.

Another peace train running on Saturday 14th October 1995 with a 12 piece 80 class set was completely in the ''bumblebee livery'' as the early livers where gone.



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