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Oxford Diecast Scania Coach/Bus

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I hope to get some Oxford die cast scania coaches & bring them from factory standard to really detailed ulsterbus & goldliner coaches....




My question is, is possible to get inside the coach to add people & details. Or is it small rivet?


Note: The display on the #ULB coach is (from front to back), IrishRailwayModeller, I'RailwayModeller, IRM


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If you want to be THAT detailed, Tony (and it would look amazing), take photos of individual ones, as the markings on them vary subtly quite a lot, particularly on the back. Probably best to team up markings of your choice with an individual registration number, if you really wanted absolute perfection.


I live local to a bus sub-depot which houses ULB 612 (FZ 9612) & a relative who is a bus driver is based their too. 612 only operates until 1600 in the evening from early morning. So sources are available to me :D


Tho, 612 is a i4 & the above is a PB, the difference between a PB & i6 is very little, one of which includes the silver band on the first Window after the door / drivers cab.

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Any UTA half-cabs there? :-)

Two opt are town service buses (both NC)

A hell of a lot ULB & Cairnshill P&R Wright Scania low floors

A hell of a lot ULB & Cairnshill P&R Wright Volvo double deckers

Some Wright Volvo school run buses

One Scania Irizar i4 who is the most detested bus in the yard because of having a slow door, a bad gear box & a annoying hand brake... 612

One ford transit SEELB school bus

One Mercedes Benz Sprinter SEELB school bus

& the occasional Metro (on lend to ULB) or Goldliner (covering a broken bus)visitor


Hope that helps. Oh & one man cleans every bus from 0700-2000 (Not me!)

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I'll be popping round to the depot to get photos of 612's details tomorrow, then up in to Belfast to get the models & while their, hopefully get some decent detailed photos of the goldliner i6 interior & exterior.


Made this for a decal for the goldliners door this evening.... Just some adjustments on the onboard part then off to the printer.... Once the model is painted of course



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I tracked down some instructions for dismantling this model.


Using a tiny screwdriver and the blade of a knife, prise off the "boot" cover. This is a plastic part located by two pins inserted into the main casting and secured by dabs of glue. It came off quite easily revealing the screw beneath.


At the front, there is a similar panel forming part of the windscreen moulding. Gently prise it off from the bottom. Be careful as it may fly off. It has been known to crack up the middle but may not break completely. Clearly, great care is needed with this part.


Once these two panels are off and the screws behind them are undone, the chassis and seats fall out. The side windows are held in place by the seats so can now be pushed inwards and removed. The back window is a little more tricky as the four clips holding it place all need to be loosened at the same time.


The ceiling panel is plastic so needs removing before using paint stripper. IT is possible to get the end of a tiny screwdriver under it about halfway along and prise it off. It is located at three points along its length and secured with dabs of glue.


The headlights and tail lights have clear plastic lenses located by pins into the main casting. Clean them off on the inside then gently prise them off from the outside.

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