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Connolly Station layout

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You seem to have a lot of spare space in the room that's not devoted to the layout?


Which track planning software is that?


Hi David


Theres not really "that" much space, there's just room to walk all the way around it,I know the sections could be a bit wider but the baseboards were built a few years ago so I am trying to build a new layout on it


The software I used is anyrail

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also, scalescenes and the like do downloadable brick and arch sets etc. I found making arches in card tricky, to be honest. Have a practice or two. Maybe attempt a smaller item you need first such as a signal cabin or work shed etc ?


there are loads of preformed plastic sheets available in corrugated and clapboard siding that would be a big help to you building the big shed.

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Chat to @Glenderg from here, I know he's done various Connolly buildings in card, he can give you a steer / sell you some cardboard :)


He said he would give me a kit for. Connolly engine shed, and he said he might help me with parts for the roof over the platforms in spare time in the future, but for now its the engine shed


I will also try metcalfe and scalescenes, thanks lads

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image.jpgSome updates:

Very little visible progress to date as most of the work has been under the baseboard

Once I complete the connolly yard and wire that up I can move onto the buildings


Engine shed

Carriage maintenance depot

Station train shed (roof)


North dublin houses and buildings





I hope to get a lot done over the next month ,as I know there is very little done so far!

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