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CIE open wagons

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After 1970, there were enough Bullied opens to cover virtually all traffic, and thereafter very few traditional wooden bodied opens were about. Consequently, while a few survived to have "broken wheel" roundels in the late 60s, the majority saw out their days with stencilled "snails".


Even fewer got the brown livery all. Here's one that did.


A detail: while grey palvans and grey H vans had roundels with white letters and tan surrounds, any open wagons with roundels had all-white ones. CIE brake vans with grey paint and roundels had white ones too - certainly for the most part anyway.


Hope these details are of interest.





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The earlier standard CIE brake vans had vertical planking. Later ones sheet steel, though many earlier ones were rebuilt - or just PART rebuilt - in steel. When this happened, superstructure of body tended to be steel with balconies remaining wooden.


Livery details:


1. Up to 1963: grey, with stencilled flying snails.


2. 1963 - 1970: grey, lighter than pre 1955, with roundel. On "H" vans and palvans, tan surround, white letters. On brake vans and opens, all white.


3. Post 1970: brown, with all-white roundel.

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