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Container flat & CIE container

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Another interesting photo, JB. The 20T 27101-27300 series flats were built 1970 and were hand and vacuum braked. I cannot appreciate where that (vacuum)is on this flat wagon. I presume they were built specially for increasing container traffic at that time?

The container is interesting in that I had believed that all things brown and (sitting on something) fitted had white CIE lettering and surrounds but the roundel is black on these doors.

Doyle & Hirsch book 1st. Ed also has 27430 20T flat with a Uniload container with entirely black letters and surrounds (on white Uniload pale ?white background).


Now that I look at that uncoupled flat in the CIE & NIR ruling stock book, I do see a vacuum pipe below the coupler which would probably make sense as they may not have lasted very long in an elevated position like the gypsum/dolomite/magnesite/ballast wagons! Why were the latter positioned higher on a pipe on locos and these latter wagons?

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You can't really see vacuum bags, right enough - could be hidden? Anyone know?


Dive - you're right about all roundels on brown being white. The container is, in fact, badly faded orange. They had originally painted their old type of container grey, but these ones were always orange - same "carriage / loco tan". There was one kicking around at the back of Whitehead site until recently - probably cleared away now.


The Uniload containers were also orange, but had a white strip on them, and an all-black roundel was on this white strip, along with the word "Uniload", which was - I think but I'd need to check - in red.


CIE never painted any containers brown.

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You can't really see vacuum bags, right enough - could be hidden? Anyone know?


There is only one vacuum chamber, 600mm in diameter, either behind where the "0" is on the solebar number or on the mirrored opposite side. There is quite a complex pipe system from one end to the other, also linking into the chamber. R

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