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PSV Plate

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Bought this plate a couple of weeks ago, completely covered in muck, so I did not know what it was

Spent an hour cleaning it up and it turns out to be a PSV Plate from 1933 onwards

The heading on the sign is Acht um Iompar ar Boithre 1933

On another 1933 sign I have it says Acht um Thracht ar Boithre 1933

Any ideas girls?


PSV Plate




Bridge sign with Thracht rather than Iompar



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Hi wrennie


I know a man, besides yourself, that is fluent in Irish! he told me that in olden times there were different Irish dialects- all depending on where one was in the country! Would it be somit like that?


Very nice plate though....hint!!



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It's a licence plate from a road vehicle, not necessarily one owned by GSR/CIE.

Like a private coach... I have seen one on a lorry before, so probably licenced hauliers had them as well at one time.


Private buses still carry an alloy oval plate along the same lines, without referencing the Act. Don't think CIE buses have had to carry them for some time, think they got an exemption way back.


Taxis have them too...http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6064/6031102942_dd70aba833.jpg

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