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Small model motors.

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Hi Dave182


I researched this myself some time back, I bit-the-bullet and am making my own......


Dart Castings do a coach dynamo which is halfway there but no cooling fins- not all motors have fins!


The pics below are of the patterns for moulding Gauge O motors, these are from a long running project which is shelved for the moment. As you can see the motors could be used in Gauge OO- the 'Chief Mechanic' is HO so the small motor is suitable for most uses. The larger one would be good for a big crane or the like.


ELECM-01 IMAG2198.jpg


ELECM-02 IMAG2199.jpg


ELECM-03 IMAG2200.jpg


When I complete the moulds I can make you a few....



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Wow Eoin, they look fantastic! Yes, I'd definitely be interested. I'll present to you at the next Bray show. Thanks Kirley and Mike, Of course Shapeways! I have a mental block when it comes to even considering Shapeways, I think it's the pricing, my mind has filed Shapeways away in the 'don't even bother looking' section. I did have a look though, and a few feature under 'electric motor'.

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