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Worsley Works

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David Holman

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Don't know if this kit maker has featured before, but it has a huge range of Irish locos and coaches in a range of scales. Generally basic etched brass, so probably for the more experienced modeller, but well worth a look.

For example, they can do all the Clogher Valley stuff (railcar, unit and tractor), while a new addition is the G class shunter in 7mm scale. The website shows lots of coaches and they are clearly keen to expand the range. A Google search will quickly get you there

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I dealt with them years ago also, for a "G" scale West Clare "F" class diesel. Excellent kit, very good company to deal with. They offer to consider anything you want, providing that they can sell enough to others to justify the cost. The only thing is you'd need reasonable soldering skills with metal kits.


When I contacted them re the "F", it wasn't on their list at all. Now they offer it in several scales.


Midland six wheelers? Being the most common six wheeler in the 1955 - 63 period, it would be good to see some available.

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Allen Doherty describes his products as, "we specialise in producing the etched parts of model railway kits. We use the term 'Scratch Aid' to help denote that they are not complete kits as we do not include any castings, wire, glazing etc. and no instructions are provided.


I have built quite a few of his 'incomplete kits' and he has manufactured etchings to my request (UTA Railcar 6 & 7).




In fact today he has confirmed he has completed my latest request and will release the BUT 700 & 900 Series before the end of the month.

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