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New to DCC, and n gauge

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Hi folks,


After visiting the train show in Raheny and other toy and train fares recently I have decided to get back into model railways. I'm 32 now and played with Hornby as a kid. I want to build an n gauge layout, for space reasons, I'm renting.


I am thinking of modelling the train line going through the Curragh in Kildare, I'm from Newbridge. This would include the racecourse and grandstand, some bridges, a small wood and other features.


I am thinking about getting the Graham Farish 'Day at the Races' set. This will give me a steam loco and wagons, track and DC controller. I know the loco and wagons may not be Irish or ever be used in Ireland for transporting horses to races, but the set fits the theme and gives me a way to start modelling again.


I would like to go DCC in time. The loco with the set is DCC ready. I am wondering if it is easy to convert Peco 80 track and points for use with DCC?


Any thoughts and advice on my idea?




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If you are planning what sounds like a superb plan for a layout, I personally would not 'spoil' an Irish scene by adding non-protypical stock unless that can be converted into something more prototypical. There is a lot available in OO but less in N, especially rtf

Peco has good track work and points and is suitable for DC or DCC. DCC involves getting a 'cab' to control the locos independently (instead of the DC controller) and apart from adding a few extra wires to track work to ensure good electrical conductivity of the DCC signal, it's not that hard

What era are you considering?

This may not be your timeframe but maybe lookout some of the N layouts on the site for ides like this one which is modern


I'm not sue if the 2-6-2 can be bashed into anything prototypical. Someone will comment no doubt

There was an actual branch line to the Curragh from the mainline until the early 70s, not sure when it closed


There is an interesting photo of it in Barry Carse's book

Earlier from the O'Dea collection with steam



Lots of info on the DCC sub-forum

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Hi Peter, welcome to the forum.


Firstly I wouldn't recommend a starter set, a lot of my clients that have started into the hobby have regretted buying them as they only really used a small portion of the set and the loco or rolling stock may not be suitable.

Also the track being code 80 is really big and bulky and is nowhere near to scale, code 55 streamline fine scale track looks far better and is more true to scale.

I find set track has a train set look about it.

I have code 55 in stock and I can bring it to a show so you can have a look at it.

If you want to go DCC then take the plunge from day 1, no point in getting a DC controller then changing.

With regard to points electrofrog are a better way to go, in the starter set you will just get insulfrog and small 0-4-0 or 0-6-0 locos can stall.


I'm in Bray this Sunday at the train and model fair if you want to stop by and have a look at the code 55 track.

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Hi Peter


I posted a reply to your query about repainting locos to look Irish before seeing this thread. The new GF and Dapol locos are now DCC ready such as the Southern N Class which can become a K1 class without much work. The new class 20 diesel is also DCC ready and can become a class 121 with a lot of work. These just require a chip to be inserted after the blanking chip is removed other wise they both run as DC models.



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