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Failing Eyesight

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Hi Tony


I use a head magnifier nearly all the time now, the advantage is hands free and as you move around it's with you all the time- no reaching around the place and a stand getting in the way!


I recommend the best type you can afford- these are the best, ground glass n all;- http://www.vikingopticalcentres.co.uk/product/optivisor-headband-magnifier-package-offer/


or, on an economy budget the Expo type head mafnifier (plastic lenses) can be got online or in your local model shop for less than £20


Do the better one if you can and they have other cheaper options



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Place like Maplin sell Anglepoise-style magnifier lamps, like this.




Apart from the magnifying lens, which is useful at times, they have a circular fluorescent tube, which is usually of a high colour temperature and produces a very clear, intense, white light. I find it very 'sharp' to work on small items with.


Do remember to cover the lens, when not in use, if there is any chance of sunlight reaching it...

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