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GNRi 9 Ton Van

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AutoCad drawings I done last night for GNRi 9 ton van based on the dimensions taken in 2011 and posted on this website by Noel Dempster. The white are cut lines and green are score lines to show timber panelling. Small 0.3diameter holes and in red but may not be visable. I'm going to ask our design lecturer to run this drawing through the new laser cutter on acrylic sheet and I'll report back next week on the results. As you can see it is built up in two layers. The timber framing layered over the sheeting behind. The W-irons and springs will have to come from MJT or similar since the laser doesn't perform in 3d. I could use their 3d printer but metal parts are readily available. The slight lack of 'curve' on the van ends is a display problem with autoCad, but it prints fine. By the way, is Noel still around?


Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 06.47.10.jpg

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The same drawing copied so that two wagons can be cut from a single sheet of acrylic.

I've watched this machine operate and its amazing!


Also a cheap way of producing dis-used parked vans along the trackside.


Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 07.10.06.jpg

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To be honest, the drawing is far from complete. Basically there are two parts to the wagon. The framework and the sheeting and once cut will be glued together to give the wagon depth. We don't really know the full capabilities of the machine as it is new but if it can do this sample with ease I should be able to add much more detail as I develop the drawing. I really need a detailed drawing or good photograph of the old 'single lever braking' to draw an accurate representation of this.


To be honest, I have been using CAD for over 20 years so on reflection, it has been a learning curve to begin with but easy when you know how. I actually have designed many roof models for my Carpentry students here in College.

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