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Restoring miniature ETS machines

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I'm involved in a small projects with a few members in the club ( wexford MRC ) to try and restore a pair of miniature Webb and Thompson ETS machines , once widespread on the railways.


We have three units , but only one is in any way complete. In particular we are missing the galvanometer and the locking coiks from the other two.


I have just received the wiring diagrams etc


I was wondering if any members here could help or might know where I might locate bits and pieces for these machines ( or someone might donate them. )


The idea is too have a fully working pair as a permanent exhibition in the club house


Now if I could find a pair of harpers block instruments !!!!!



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Im involved in a project in the Wexford MRC , to restore to working order two Miniature Webb and Thompson ETS machines that will then be on permanent working display in the club.


we have two machine with most of the insides


But we are missing a Galvo ( i.e. the needle indicator ) and its brass bezel and glass, If anyone comes across one and would like to donate it ( as a loaner ) that would be great


Also any working diagrams etc



Now if I could get a set of Harpers Blocks instrument for display , wow !!

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