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Return of Model Irish Railways

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With all due respect David you are judging something that you have no understanding of what's going on behind the scenes. As I said, all will be revealed very soon. :)


I also think that it's only fair that we bring this back on topic of the MIR kits after Dave took it off course. :)


With all due respect Fran, how do you know what I know or don't know? Have you discovered a way to clone customers? What will you do differently that all the model shops and Murphys Models haven't done to shift stock?


Also get it right. It was Noel to took the thread off topic. There are very few threads here that stay oh topic. You guys just use that phrase to end arguments you don't like.

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With equal respect David, the thread was on topic until your post no.21, which additionally included poor language.


Let's keep this on MIR's return to activity, which is to be applauded and supported, lest the ban hammer is produced.

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Thanks Glenderg for the drawing that is most interesting, I have come across one how to article in the old Model railway constructor on building chassis, but I am sure there is another one on how to build LMS style cattle wagons, its a good article just need to go back and read it again.


I know Leslie does a GNR style cattle wagon, but if MIR where to do the CIE version as well that has to be a good thing.




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