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Rail, chairs and sleepers used by the CIE in the 1930 to the 1960's

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Colin R

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Hi Guys

I am thinking about next year already and I have this idea for a small 4mm scale 21mm gauge layout using the C&L track products.

Now the plan is to build it in the 1930 to 60's period, I was wondering if anyone knew what rail section was in use the most at that period and how many screws per chair where used as well.

Sorry if this is a repeat for something I have said before but I can't find the original thread on this subject.





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Track was mostly chaired on main lines, with soleplates increasingly used as this period went on, especially after the 1960s. Secondary lines and sidings were spiked directly to sleepers usually with rail of lighter section. Some spiked sidings were still to be seen in obscure places until comparatively recently - maybe early 1990s.

Many chairs only seemed to have three screws!

The GNR and CIE used rectangular chairs, while NCC ones were curved round on the inner side. Examples of all three may still be seen on sidings; some GSR soleplates may be seen in Galway, or were until only months ago when some of the old track was cleared. I am sure that soleplates of GSR and CIE origin are still kicking about in use on sidings.

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Before the bullhead rail was lifted in Clonmel all the track approaching and through the station had 4 bolt chairs. Some of the sleepers were 8'6" and some were 9 ft. Get exactoscale chairs they are much better in appearance than the others. Go with 9 ft sleepers also it looks better. Good luck with it Colin it does look fantastic when done.


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