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Is Tomytech TM21 a suitable Chassis for N scale 141?

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Hi purple

The TM-21 is about the right length, a 141 is about 82mm to cab fronts (at 1:148), but you'll have a problem with the 141 walkways between the cabs with a chassis that has stuff above footplate level and flush with the sides- the width needs to be 10 to 12mm max in this area to keep in scale and you'll have to allow for the thickness of the 3D print!!



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I looked at the prints a while back and considered the tomix chassis but too wide over motor - but then considered powered coaches for a roundy sort of layout . 

The 071 I have has a body cavity 10.7 mm wide.  The latest farish class 20 is 10.13 mm over chassis so fits like a glove - and of course runs sweetly. The is 86 mm over the castings - but this could be shortened  by up to 6 mm.  The area that is over size is a bit that fits in the cab and would need a bit of narrowing - but not impossible . 

I will have  to check with the latest class 31 or a co- co unit if the bogies cross fit  to  power the 071 . But the  class 20 would fo nicely if not correctly for the small GM . 

You would need to use the latest chassis as the Poole based metal one is too wide over the motor magnet pole pieces.. 


The 201 is dead easy with a dapol 66 chassis  but the yet to arrive 59 should be even better .  

Farish Mk3s and Electra graphics allow a good set of trains easily  and the 4 wheel cement bubbles are made as 3D prints.

The latest mK2 bachmann coaches could be repainted into the MK2 set - need to mug a dutch van but I think the steam version is done already. 

The to come MK2E s could be repainted I am certain - Worsley works etches in 7 thou brass  would allow a gen car and catering.    Railtec do and can expand N gauge range.

2mmfs 9.42 gauge track would help the perennial gauge scale issues we bedevil ourselves!!

happy modelling




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As far as I recall the Shapeways/Valve Design CIE 121 & 141 were designed to fit the Lifelike SW9/SW1200 chassis and  the 071 was designed to fit the Lifelike SD7/9 chassis

The Lifelike SW9/1200 still appears to be available from the United States under the Walthers brand https://www.walthers.com/products/trains/locomotives-traction/diesel/sw1200/scale/n-scale

Microtrains SW1500 has similar trucks to the Irish locos at approx twice the price of the Walthers locos.

Atlas & Walthers appear to have discontinued their SD7/SD9 locos, but used models occasionally appear on e-bay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Life-Like-N-Scale-Locomotive-Item-7767-SD7-LOCO-GN-566/263241145597?hash=item3d4a651cfd:g:XFYAAOSwsPlZyYZ5


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