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8100 Class DART Gauge N

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Here is a completed 8100 Class DART in Gauge N for a customer,  it's the first one from the workshop after several months of mould making and trial-n-error. This one is on a Tomix chassis but the next ones will be on my own chassis with more DART like under frame gubbins- though the Tomix aren't half bad- just hard to get.....



Directional lights work by using fibre optic wires from the LEDs on the chassis



The model has pretty much the same detail as my Gauge OO DART model- NS handrails, roof vents, screen wipers, horn......

Just a few small touch-ups required and it's ready to go into service


N-Dart-11 IMAG3863.jpg

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Hi Eoin

The DART looks really well, the work of a real craftsman. One would be a good accompaniment to my own 8600 series one.. Perhaps some will be ready to purchase by the end of the year.


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Thanks MikeO

I have 4 two car set bodies together but still developing the chassis, I had planned to use generic Kato chassis but the jigs for making the bodies was based off the Tomix, the one above, and they don't fit the Kato! and I cant even get  the Kato chassis now so no point in making the jigs again. So it's going to be my own design chassis like the idea for the N 141- this is also delayed as I'm experiencing printing problems and table levelling problems on the CNC machine......



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