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MK2 Wheel Sets

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I mentioned in another MK2 thread a while back about a missing wheel set from one of my new MK2 coaches, the diner coach. I had sent a message to the retailer inquiring about a replacement set (I would have settled for a part number I could source myself), but unfortunately the retailer did not respond. Now that I have the coaches back after weathering I can see what I need as a replacement. SO far the closest I can find as a match is this part from Bachmann.


I don't think its an exact match but after a bit of dirt application and when its under the bogie you'd have to be a damn good eagle eye's wheel nerd to spot the difference. Any thoughts an another wheel set that may be a better match?









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The Bachmann ones you mention are probably about 14mm size, whilst the B4/B5 bogies have smaller diameter wheels, nearer to 12 mm.

Just to make it even more difficult Murphy's coach bogies that I have use an axle length of 24.5 (which is the standard HO European length) rather than the usual British 00 length of 26mm., so the Bachmann axles will be too long for the bogie.

Gibson will do wheels at 24.5 axle length (this was used by Lima in their 00 coaches) so I would suggest you try that manufacturer.

 Hope that helps,



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Thanks all, the wheel diameter is 12mm (11.2ish traction inner ) and the axle length is 24.5mm. The wheels mentioned on Peters Spares look the part but he's out of stock.

I must ave had a bad QC batch from these coaches, one wheel set missing and on another coach the wheel set was not inserted correctly into the bogie.



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