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  1. It is a case of great minds think alike. I have just been finishing an article on how I modelled Bog Road, which I aim to send to New Irish Lines. A picture is attached.
  2. Hello, I always keep a set of instructions, I have scanned them for you. Enjoy the kits, they are very good, Brendan MIRtara1.pdf MIRtara2.pdf MIRtara3.pdf MIRtara4.pdf MIRtara5.pdf
  3. The Bachmann ones you mention are probably about 14mm size, whilst the B4/B5 bogies have smaller diameter wheels, nearer to 12 mm. Just to make it even more difficult Murphy's coach bogies that I have use an axle length of 24.5 (which is the standard HO European length) rather than the usual British 00 length of 26mm., so the Bachmann axles will be too long for the bogie. Gibson will do wheels at 24.5 axle length (this was used by Lima in their 00 coaches) so I would suggest you try that manufacturer. Hope that helps, Brendan
  4. I received my Taras today. They are everything I have wanted from an Irish RTR wagon, and more. Not only do the axlebox hubs turn but they are even fitted as per prototype, from the underside of the bogie frame. But even better, using my old bicycle chain puller, I was able to easily convert them to 21mm gauge, using the existing wheelsets. This saves modellers like me money and allows me to buy even more IRM items! The pictures show how easy it is. Ease off the flat plastic plate below the axle hub. Pop the wheel set out, remove the plastic axle hubs. Then remove the insulated wheel and put the axle in a chain puller (or a very strongly built wheel puller) and push it out against the non insulated wheel until a couple of millimetres short of the narrowed bit of the axle. Put the insulated wheel back in place, also a couple of mm short, checking the gauge back to backs. Refit the plastic hubs and pop the wheel set back in place. Adjust if required, otherwise replace the flat plastic plates and there you have it. I have put a converted bogie beside a narrow gauge one to show the difference. Well done IRM team. I hope the A class will be as easy to do, Brendan
  5. Noel, I used Kadee number 5's as I had a lot of them in stock, purchased very cheaply at a swap meet. They are very reliable. They are easy to get the right height and length from buffers. I keep my number 18s for my HO stock and Murphys locos and coaches. Incidentally what has been said by others about 21 mm gauge is true. We are not all P4 modellers. I too model to finescale/EM standards and I was very pleased at Ally Paley show the other year when an 141 class I had re-gauged using the existing Murphy wheels with longer axles ran perfectly on Valentia Harbour. You should only use P4 wheels if you have track to P4 standards, otherwise the wheels may not go through points (though should be alright on plain track.) The flange and tyre widths on such wheels are very fine. Brendan
  6. Stephen, Hopefully the pictures tell a story. IRM have taken on board comments I made and I expect future wagons will be easier to convert to 21mm gauge. The most disappointing part was the IRM wheelsets. I do not like wheels and axles that can't be dismantled. I was unable to reuse them for 21mm gauge of the same wagons but I have kept them and may use them on kit built wagons instead. Murphy's coaches had the same problem and an even shorter axle length, but I used them to replace HO scale wagons on some Marklin wagons I purchased. I have attached a picture of a bubble converted to 21mm gauge. Note how thin I have filed the axle boxes to provide enough clearance.
  7. I have converted a ballast wagon to 21mm. It was not easy. Removing the plastic collars gave an extra 4mm of width, perhaps this would be enough for the thinner wheels used by P4 modellers? I had to dismantle the model to put in plasticard spacers and enlarge the axle box interiors and fit brass bearings. The pictures attached may explain more. I used one of my last Gibson 21mm gauge wheelsets but Maygibs would work just as well. The existing IRM wheels cannot be used as one side is non insulated and integral with the axle. I also filed the back of the axle boxes to thin them to give a little extra space. It runs really well and I am converting a second wagon at present. I make the axles myself using 2mm steel rod and a mini drill and file the pin point ends. I have re-gauged 3 cement wagons and these did not need dismantling but still needed the axle boxes thinned and modified. I am looking forward to the Taras and the pull out wheelsets.
  8. I used the Chris Leigh blue pullman trailer bogies on my scratchbuilt Dutch van about 25 years ago. They looked right, are to 4mm scale and based on a continental design. I would assume the Kitmaster blue pullman trailer bogies would also be suitable. Both are long out of production but can be found secondhand. You could always ask Bachmann if they could sell you a couple? I think they are doing a rerun blue pullman at the moment, so may have some left over..
  9. Dave of Roxey Mouldings still lists 21mm gauge wheels for use in his Isle of Man coach kits, in O scale, Brendan
  10. David, It was great to see Arigna Town on Saturday and have a chat about Irish railway modelling. I hope your club all had a good show, Best wishes, Brendan
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