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Irish auto-ballasters.

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39 minutes ago, Noel said:

Thanks for link. Yellow PW stuff a little too modern for my era and modelling taste buds. 

Yes pricey for just two wagons. 

Yes Noel, we all know yellow PW stuff isn't your thing. But considering the twin pack was 110 euro a pop when released first, it's not that bad a price compared to what some are asking for them. It's rare they turn up. Like with most things, if someone wants them badly enough they'll pay.  

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I spotted these a few days ago. Wonder where they've turned up from as they are clearly listed as being those produced by Bachmann for Mark's Models?

Interestingly, back at Model Rail Scotland in 2016 (the year they had the fantastic O'Connel Street layout on display) I bought a "mint & boxed" pack of the very same IE autoballasters from Charlie on the DC Kits stand for a mere £60. I mentioned this to the guys on the Mark's Models stand at the same show and their jaws hit the floor as they realised they'd missed out on the opportunity to buy them back themselves!

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