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Fixing backscenes

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Have not used velcro as I thought it would make the backscene sit too far out from the baseboard creating an unseemly gap.

Magnets would be a better choice as they can be recessed into the baseboard and just require 2 thin pieces of metal (washers) glued to the backscene to make a good join.

I have attached 3 photos to illustrate the concept.

The first shows the 2 magnets in place, the second one of the washers, it can be partly covered, and the third shows how little gap there is. This is not my idea but a friend used on his T Trak module.

Hope this is helpful









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There was an article in Model Railway Journal, by John Birkett-Smith last year, where the back scenes were in layers - a profiled piece of MDF fixed direct to the baseboard, then a separate skyboard, set a few mm out, behind it. The effect looked really good.

 On both Arigna and Fintonagh, I use quick mounting plates to hang pelmets, fascias etc and they work very well.

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