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LaisDCC Decoders in MM141s

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gm171 kk


So I've fitted two LaisDCC 21 pin 4 function decoders into each of my two 141/181 locos. I am using the NCE Power Cab for control. 

My main issue is with lights. Function 0 turns on/off all lights including headlights and front and rear marker lights. These change direction with the direction of the loco. I would be perfectly happy with this if it wasn't for the fact that I want to double head these locos. Is it possible to assign heads, front lights and rear lights to seperate functions (I'm coming across a lot of talk of CVs whatever they are)? 

My other issue is when I want to run each loco seperately outside of a consist/double header. Is it possible to do this? 

My final issue is acceleration rates. I've set acceleration rates before but that method isn't working now. 

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23 hours ago, NIRCLASS80 said:

Sorry I can't offer any advice but I feel your pain.  Bought a couple of these decoders a few months ago and the acceleration rate CV3 never worked correctly.  

These have been the only decoders in over 25 years of DCC experience that I can say beat me.

Me too. Gave up. I use Lenz Silver+ for non-sound locos or LokSound V4/5 for sound locos.  I buy the Lenz direct from Germany to bypass UK dealer rip offs and double currency hop. Post brexit next year most DCC stuff should cost less direct from Germany anyway. Think the Lais are rebadged or reverse engineered copy of US decoder manufacturer including M1 bugs.

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