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C19,self isolating and the consequences thereof.

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Female Flesh eh? - Im sure Just Eat can supply a Roast chicken or something similar straight to your doorstep...............

If its female flesh of the human persuasion....ie wimmin...............well take the parenting controls off the internet and google whatever floats your boat......:D

If its the real life talking version...............after nearly 4 weeks 24/7 stuck in the same 4 walls as the wife - highlight of my week is going to the Recycling bank on my own..................I can see the advantages to your situation - trust me!!




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I recall a radio programme around 1970, about the life of a chap in New Guinea, who was from one of the last tribes to be contacted - he had been a stone age cannibal until the age of twenty, but had, since then become fully accustomed to modern life, over a period of just a few years.

Anyway, he offered his opinion that the choice cut of 'long pig', as it is known in Pidgin English, is the forearm of a woman.

It's only a matter of time before it's on special offer in Lidl.

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