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Broadstone Models 7mm GNRI Cattle Wagons

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Just received three of these resin/etched brass/whitemetal kits but can't find anything about the manufacturer. Hopefully someone can help with a bit of background. And maybe copies of the instructions which are not present - assuming there were some? Any images of either the prototype or completed models would also be very helpful.

They do actually look rather good and so don't want to cock them up when building!

Thanks in advance for any help.

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3 hours ago, decauville1126 said:

A bit of an update.

Digging back through New Irish Lines, Vol 5 No 5 has a brief piece - seems they were produced by a chap called Paul Greene, but an email to the address given has bounced. So any contact details would be appreciated.

Paul Greene is a member of this newsgroup. Try sending him a personal message or ask Alan O'Rourke New Irish Lines https://newirishlines.org/contact/ editor to forward a message. Paul is the former owner of Studio Scale Models and the builder of the Kilbrandon S Scale Irish Layout http://www.s-scale.org.uk/gallery15.htm

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Saw Kilbrandon a couple of times and it was great to watch. I if I was starting again, would be very tempted to do S - as the only true imperial scale at 1/64, Irish track gauge works out at 63/64ths of an inch, which for some reason I find rather attractive. Tolerances are pretty fine, trackwise, so stuff runs well. Real scratchbuilders scale though, with minimal commercial support. However, the Society is excellent.

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