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Micro Layout Glenlyon Cement

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Hi all. It has been quite some time since I've been on here. (This has been down to some general fatigue and aches and pains, along with a hectic family life, new job and just not having much time) . Any way, I felt less and less like going to the attic, so I took the decision to run down the attic layout and work on a simple micro layout that could be stowed away easily. My mind was made up when my father in law gave me a stock of wood off cuts including  a number of ply boards cut to about 8" by 3ft , and some more a little shorter. As soon as I saw them I started thinking "layout, layout". I'm recycling most railway items from previous efforts to keep the cost down. Here's a few  snaps of work so far: 






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Ok, so it will be a very small 'inglenook' type shunting layout with an extra fiddle yard/board . I also ran the track from board edge to edge at the back so that I could make another section at a later date. A modular idea - as I have several of these ply wood sheets ready cut. But that is for the future. (In the past i have always moved on to more and more and then never actually completed a layout , or close to complete anyway!) I'll try to attach a plan. 



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I got plenty done this evening, after working from home all day. After I tested the points ( i had to try to off-set one as it was too near the edge - it is working for now) and general running, i was happy to proceed with adding the back scene and sides. I will make an overall cover eventually i think. I then made my first cassette for my simple fiddle yard. Also, as I'm recycling things , I am sorting out a nice Faller cement works kit, adjusted a little to fit. I also made another building from a coke can, some old sprue and the sheets of ties from cheap sandwich bags to make a corrugated building. It's a false entrance- trains wont be able to go through. That's about it for now  tomorrow I'm going to work on finishing the buildings I think.






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Thanks folks. More to come! I'll be detailing that building a bit more.  I'm trying to fit some electro magnets for Auto uncoupling.  Does anyone know if they would be powerful Enough to work through 6mm ply ? 

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Lessons for all of us here, not least that it doesn't have to take years to build a model railway - you can have something up and running in a fairly short space of time.

 Nothing wrong with taking longer of course, but for anyone thinking of having a go, starting small and doing something achievable is the way to go methinks

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Thanks David, still a lot of neatening up to be done of course, but that's the basis, and most importantly I have a working model with point motors etc - being able to just flip the small board to fit them was great!!! I am going to make another 'scene' on the same size board, which I can join in a modular fashion to either side of this one. I'm just delighted that it works well and I can now get the balance right between build and operation! It is also interesting how much you can do with 3ft x 8" . 

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Hi Richrua . brilliant work  really like it . doint know if ime right but you doint see many irish micro layouts  so its a real treat . strange thing as well i did build a small micro cement layout my self  some years back to run my 141 on . hope you doint mind i slipped a pic of it in  cheers kevin . 

141 cement  micro.JPG

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Love it! That looks great. Lockdown allowed me to build a small shed/workshop/potting shed to keep my micro layout in. I had an old double glazed window and apart from the roof panels, was able to build it with wood I had about , including old fence panels. I'm planning a small outdoor extension to the micro , to add a little more running space. I'll put some pics up soon , but I've actually found myself busier lately ! 

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Yes the lock down has made many of us make do with what ever we have laying around . i know my self have made good use of a recycleing  a old base board for my latest l micro layout . sounds like you had real good fun makeing your shed . seeing your layout has made me think about have a second go at a nother micro cement layout  who knowns .  I do like your main buildings at the far end of your layout are they all scratch built  . they look really impressive . 

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Hi folks, made some slight changes to the layout in order to extend it in the shed, but it still can function as a seperate 'module' . I've picked up a 121 and I've added a station area. The boards are shallow, hence the low scenic amount, but most of all it works. I have a detachable loop that runs outside the shed for when it's not raining ! 20201230_142226.thumb.jpg.e6f592e78798d9925ac31b4e83d7ba64.jpg20201230_142124.thumb.jpg.60a671a56252927a298a823bb40788b1.jpg



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