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Oxford Rail tank wagon

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David Holman

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The latest Railway Modeller has a review of the above. Based on the RCH 1907 10'6 wheelbase prototype, it seems to fit the bill for an Irish tank wagon very nicely. Will need a repaint, but £22 seems a decent price for what is quite a complex model. If you work in 16.5mm gauge, it could be a fine alternative to the usual vans, opens and semis.

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Several of the older private owner tank wagons were stored for many years at the Sheriff Street end of the Dardanelles Sidings and East Wall Yard until the yards were cleared out and re-modelled in the early 2000s.

I took some photos but they did not come out too well in the low evening light.

The majority of private owner tank wagons were built to slightly modified RCH designs by UK builders rather than Irish railway companies, CIE also bought Bitumen tank wagons from Charles Roberts of Horbury Yorkshire, the Bitumen tank wagons are similar to the Bachmann 20T anchor mounted tank wagon with an insulated barrel which would be a challenging conversion https://www.bachmann.co.uk/product/20t-class-b-anchor-mounted-tank-wagon-'shell-bp'-black-[w]/38-776a

Most of the older Irish tank wagons appeared to be based on an RCH 1927 or later design similar to the Bachmann 14T Tank wagon https://www.bachmann.co.uk/product/category/155/14t-tank-wagon-'fina'-silver/37-680b some had diagonal cable stays around the dome like the "Fina" tank wagon others a horizontal tie bar like the "National Mobile" wagon.

ESSO had some tank wagons with a smaller diameter barrel similar to the Oxford model but the Sherriff St example had a welded barrel steel rather than timber end transoms, possibly a re-build of an older wagon. I could not get close enough to get a photo of the underframe the tank car was between a wall and a cut of wagons


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