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Point Motor Switches

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On my layout I'm ready to start fitting Seep PM1 point motors

I know that they need a three way switch but looking at different websites there are heaps of different options and I'm not sure which is the best

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I would like to start on the point motors before the 071's are released so they won't be sitting in their boxes untill the point motors are installed

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These are the switches you need...




They are also called "sprung centre-off" switches. They can be got in Maplins but they charge an arm and a leg for them, if you're close to Mark's Models in Dublin he has them there for about €3 a pair.



I'll give Marks a ring and see if they have them in stock


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£4.99 on eBay for 5 and 75p postage


Jayzus, that's pretty much the same. I would think you could get them in bulk for a lot cheaper....




How many do you need? Bear in mind you can use one switch to control 2 points at crossovers and you should always have one or two extra in case one fails.

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