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The spirit of Christmas.

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Old Blarney

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This mornings post delivered my Christmas Card from Irish Railway Models. How very thoughtful, and what a considerate touch from the owners of this business to send their customers a card wishing them "Merry Christmas &Happy New Year".

Through this Forum, may I too wish them Seasons Greetings,  and to every member and reader  Happy Christmas and best wishes to you too. Please stay safe in this most difficult of time for us all.

David White

Old Blarney. 


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A nice gesture indeed. Reminds me of how my late father used to do business. All his customers got a bottle of whiskey, a box of chocs and a card at Xmas and we'd help wrap them. Don't worry lads I'm not expecting that. My old man only had a couple of dozen customers to worry about lol!

I remember it was the only time of the year we'd be in a cash and carry with sweets in it! 

The IRM card brought back some nice memories for me personally and I know from talking to other customers it was much appreciated across the board.

Merry Xmas and a happy and prosperous new year to all at IRM and all the forum members.

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The Christmas bottle of whiskey or brandy to important clients and customers was pretty much an expectation in the construction industry in Ireland and to a lesser degree the UK. 

Quite a different culture in New Zealand where there is no similar expectation and clients appeared genuinely surprised to receive a Christmas present.

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