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Dublin-Sligo rail service under threat

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Interesting piece https://www.independent.ie/regionals/sligochampion/news/sligo-dublin-rail-service-under-threat-35233693.html. Are things that bad? They must be. It appears that successive governments on both side of the Irish Sea seem unable to grasp what is required to run a successful railway system. Privatisation in the UK has as much to do with raising revenue as it does with providing a service.


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Indeed; sadly, sentiments within certain corridors of power have not changed one bit...........

At the time the article was written, the same threat was being talked about with regard to the whole MGWR - not just Sligo, but Mayo and Galway included. The DSER south of Gorey, and needless to say the Nenagh branch and LJ - Waterford were also in line.

Had any proposals in this type of arena been seriously brought forward, the railway system would have been reduced to Belfast - Dublin - Cork - Cobh / Midleton; Gorey - Howth / Dundalk; the Navan branch only until the mines closed; LJ - Limerick and possibly Ennis; Connolly - Maynooth; and POSSIBLY the Waterford and Kerry roads, though I do not recollect whether they were mentioned or not.

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