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Nic Nac Box

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Hi guys, very recently I’ve found something I think we modellers like to have in our chest, closet, drawer shelf or whatever, to hold our little bits of models, tools etc. etc. & it’s this.  A handy little box, made of clear plastic, & you can get one, or two or maybe more of you fancy going into Tesco, & soon, as I don’t know how long more the stocks are on sale, as of today, there only €8.00 a box of 24, & the bonus that’s making these little treasures very attractive is the boxes contain Ferrero Rocher chocolates..😆 so now you can be the bees knees by buying a box, or two for the Mom in your life...! 😇 😇..& while you’re in the LITTLE ANGELS hallowed area, 😜 just suggest that when Mom has finished with the chocolates, you will take care of the EMPTY box for her..😋 making you as said the little hero...😽 I’ll put a photo of the box, full & empty on to show what I mean,     
 & btw, I will not take any responsibility for any Bribery, Cons, Trickery, Scamming, Hoodwinking, Tomfoolery, Sweet Dealing,

& the chocolates are nice....very nice..!





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