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Model Railway Insurance available for Northern Ireland.

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As far as I know you can cover a model railway on your contents cover but it would have to be specified on the the policy(you would have to tell the insurer about it and its value, it would not automatically be covered).


Aren't the individual items covered by home contents insurance? A model railway isn't one item but a sum of the parts.
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Had an insurance guy in the house one evening

He explained that it would be something similar to "works of art2 insurance where the policy would be a percentage of the overall cost of the collection

So somewhere between 10 - 12.5%

Asked him to finish his coffee and naff off



At that quote I'm surprised you were so mannered in requesting his departure....

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To my mind contents are contents. What's the difference between me having (say) 6 TVs or 6 071s in the house? There is no comparison to a work of art (even though the model is) which increases in value and would be attractive to a thief.


He was not comparing the models to a work of art, rather the way the insurance company would view insuring them

A catalogued list of what was to be insured and a replacement value of each item.

Not for me !

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