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Shawplan laser glaze windows for MM 201 model

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Lads I spoke to Brian Hanson a while back about the possibility of introducing laser glaze windows for the MM 201 models. The windscreens would need attention as they are fully flush glazed on the prototype. The cabside sliding windows would also need to be done. Now although the cab side sliding windows are not fully flush on the prototype they do sit to far back in the window frame on the model.


Brian will be taking on the work himself as he does it all in house. The windows would be a friction fit or you can use a little varnish to secure them in place. They are a great add on by the customer to achieve that little bit of extra realism and they don't have the prismatic effect that plastic glazing seems to have.


I will be sending Brian a 201 body to work with this week so at least things will be under way. If anyone has any interest I will ask Brian if they could be made available to other folk interested in them.



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They are Kirley. I'll update as and when I have news. I think adding these and a few bits on the chassis should improve the model and take it a step nearer the babies and 071-112 models. They are superb runners and they really capture the look of the prototype.



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