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  1. For sale boxed sets Lima mk2s Galway livery looking for 120 a set,pm any interest.
  2. Have for sale Bachmann green mogel with flying snail on tender ex set never used looking for 90.00. Also the three green coaches that went with it,same as above never used looking for 45.00 each. Open to offers for the lot, pm any takers before flee bay.
  3. Lima 9 car HST GNER.

    For sale I got a lima 9 car GNER blue, boxed set 43096 power car The great racer,dummy 43110 two std coaches, seven extra coaches including two first,kitchen car,and four standerds all in there original boxes bar kitchen car and first. Never used looking for ..@230 but open to offers plus post, if any takers pm please.
  4. Murphy models Nir mk2s

    Friend looking to sell NIR mk2s in three pack boxed never used in inter city livery,he has two sets looking for @110 each,pm if any takers.
  5. Silver fox B101

    Anyone interested there is a new green B103 on flee bay good starting price and only one bid !
  6. MK3 scrapping Dundalk

    Anyone around Dundalk to get pic's of the mk3 which are due to be broke up in the next week or two.
  7. MK3 Scrapping

    Looks like time has arrived for the mk3's @14 in inchoire for the chop and Waterford where a large breaking machine arrived in yesterday morning. M.
  8. 071 photo

    There's couple of nice shots of 071 in that livery after painting last week in inchoire check out railway herald. M.
  9. Youtube making model trains

    Check out youtube for making model trains LGB,might be of some intrest to some of you,i would not like to see how Z is done! M.
  10. What mk2s will we see?

    Are we ever going to see the compo mk2 515x or the first class 510x from MM or are just keeping what they have done so far? M.
  11. Lads, The De Dietrich Enterprise coaches can now be ordered. To order please PM myself or David. 25% Deposit required to order. Individual prices(RTR): DVT €210(includes 8pin DCC socket and directional lights) Buffet €135 Standard €125 mk3 EGV €155 Optional extras: Light weathering €10 per vehicle interior lights(DCC only) €25 per vehicle These photos are pre-production. There will be photos of a finished example sometime next month but the orders are already coming in for this limited production run so order now!
  12. Train lighting installation

    Lads, We're now doing train lighting and interior detailing. Have a look at the link below: http://irishrailwaymodeller.com/showthread.php/397-Carriage-Train-lighting-fitted Mark
  13. Carriage/Train lighting fitted

    Hi Lads, We're now offering carriage lighting fitted to any coach you want it fitted to.The system is suitable for DCC only and features: -Adjustable 'set and forget' brightness with control range from off to full brightness to suit your layout -No light bleed(basically no light coming from where it shouldn't be) -Realistic light colours and brightness to match the real world vehicle(we will research this if necessary) -All wheel power pickup on each coach and no need to be connecting any wires(just put it on the track and it works!) -No decoders or programming required -Low current draw Please PM me for a quote if interested. Mark
  14. New rtr De Dietrich coaches

    Lads,meet up with Dave and had a look at the new rtr de Dietrich coaches,he has done a great job on them hope's to have driver trailer/first,diner and standard for Bangor all going well, will be posting pics up on this SITE in the next few day's, Mark

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