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  1. SSM Sulzer

    I am just wondering as I don't build but happy to run locos how are the SSM models going.Is anybody making them to sell on has a flywheel motor being found.I never saw the actual model
  2. 141d181

    Last year wrenn posted his new number plates and it seems he is the proud owner of an Mercedes e class in wexford it's a peugeot galway Renault Kildare Hyundai Clare ford focus Longford is between Roscommon and Cavan and for base boards Farm layout Wicklow a John Deere
  3. Bun doran signal cabin

  4. New station for galway

  5. Is anyone selling anything

    Hi is anyone selling anything before I spend my Christmas money on the family
  6. Cie truck

  7. Train robery

  8. Oranmore station

    I was on the way back from limerick and went into a shop in oranmore went home the coast road way and passed the new station.Its the real Celtic Tiger job bang in the middle of nowhere what a waste and I think it's nearly €8 one way to galway can't see it taking off
  9. Faller car systems

    Hi all does anybody have any faller car systems vehicles for sale as Walter is going to do my layout
  10. Mountbellew show

    Just found out mountbellew show is on this Saturday and Sunday any body going to it.
  11. Faller car street system

    Hi all I'm making a center piece for my layout with the help of Walter aka kinvara train man.So far I have got 2 starter kits a red Mercedes bus and a dhl truck.Walter gave me a list of things to get as I only want to do the layout once so I am looking for a few things old hornby houses to make the street scene a bit bigger if anyone has any for sale please let me know
  12. Model shops bangor Wales

    Evening all does anybody know of a model shop in north Wales I went to Chester and it was all hornby and the one In colwyn Bay won't be open till Thursday,also her in doors found my stash need a good excuse, I am going to bangor tomorrow.
  13. C rail bell containers

    Does anyone know what chassis I can use for c. Rails 20ft bell wagons

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