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  1. 141 Gauge N

    great work
  2. Greystones Model Railway Layout.

    That flood light just makes me feel cold; is there a fire in the hut?
  3. Track Cleaning Device Proto 01

    With the catenary due to be erected on my Greystones layout, the question of cleaning the rails arose. I found the solution [i hope] on Youtube. Basically by fixing a wooden block underneath a flat wagon that I found at the Bray Fair last Sunday. The block is easily demountable as the photo shows. It depends for its function on the two flat head plaster board nails, glued to the block and then inserted into the retaining holes in the wagon. Preliminary tests indicate more attention to the type of material for the block will be required, possible more weight on the wagon.
  4. ME!

  5. Greystones Model Railway Layout.

    With the assistance of Eoin Murray, I have commenced a bench-top layout [out and back], loosely based on Greystones Station. This is the only part of the Dart which is an electrified and single track main, hence my interest. The photographs show work in progress. I am indebted to Dave Lindfield for the construction of the baseboard. The Dart. The newly completed baseboard. Photocopied templates used to determine layout.
  6. wanted mahano "thalys 2"

    wanted mahano "thalys 2" mid coachcommon boogie HO ART. T 617

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