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  1. Hi Guys I have cars, trucks, couple of buses, fork lift and little fire engine [HO and a bigger scale] I'd be happy to get €50 for the lots. Open to offers.
  2. Wow. Reminds me of when I worked in Cork years ago.
  3. Hi Guys, I have a collection of Faller buildings for sale. If anybody's interested a small item would be €3, midsize €5 and larger ones €10. I am open to offers. Eoin will have them on Sunday and the Train and Model Fair in Bray this Sunday.
  4. Can anyone identify the manufacturer of this US style Streetcar. i think it is a model of a Bireny Car. It is HO guage. There is no manufacturer's name or other visible identification marks.
  5. Hi Broithe, Eoin said, "Yea, real life is bigger!".
  6. Will you accept pre-orders for a nominal metre length 00 gauge cassette unit please, please?
  7. Eoin is with me this morning, working on Greystones project [need a few more trees] Eoin is embarrassed . He is overcome with demand for his unique skills and has an array of projects awaiting finishing and starting [JHB!] even. Wile he appreciates the offer of employment but feels honour bound to decline. I fear some will be driven to homicide if he accepts the opening. And I need someone to fix my trees.
  8. What a fabulous model. Marvelous that you had the space for the station and streetscape. very realistic and a joy to see.
  9. That flood light just makes me feel cold; is there a fire in the hut?
  10. Hi Eoin. Great shots, though you could be kinder to 617's driver. The worker is a slacker! Myles
  11. The J10 is looking great. Can't wait to see it running. As usual, a masterful conversion.
  12. Cant wait to see the finished product. Fantastic modelling.
  13. Eoin was insistent, but it was difficult, even when doing the doggie paddle.
  14. The photos explain how complex these hand-made models are. They are far from standard type, run-of-the-mill models and have me in awe of Eoin's skills, which far exceed my capacities. Now if he'd only hurry up and finish my €10 china, plastic-molded,Jinty. Oops, do I mean J10?
  15. Fine model of the the Bailey Lighthouse. Howth looks empty and I don't recognize the outboard motor. Not up to murrayec's usual standard, I think!!
  16. I can confirm that the loco is not a "Jinty", it is a "J10". A typical example of Eoin's excellent modelling skills, though I draw the line at his proposal to install a pantograph, he claims it will be needed to boil the electric kettle.
  17. A really beautiful piece of work. just the standard one expects from a man who builds tools preparatory to the main task.
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