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  1. Sven-E

    Slow running railcar - DCC

    CV5 is the max speed. My decoders (also from CT) have CV5 set to 255. CV6 is the mid range speed. Should be set to 50 or something between CV2 and CV5. If you change CV29 to 6 you enable it to run in analog mode (if supported). If this works, then you can see if it runs faster this way. Or even better, do you have the blanking plate to replace the decoder? Then you can really check how the railcar works by itself. Hope this helps.
  2. Sven-E

    Operating Dapol Semaphore Signals

    The Dapol semaphores are controlled by a pushbutton to change its position. The pushbutton shall connect two yellow wires. Each time you press the button the semaphore changes position. The Peco point switches have a momentary contact at each end of the lever movement which makes it difficult to use here. There are several solutions out there to allow a "lever effect": There are a few commercial kits that allow an on-off switch to generate the momentary connection the semaphore needs. Simple solution but the unit may get out-of-sync with the semaphore. MERG has a kit to change the behaviour so that a single yellow wire is controlling the semaphore. Connect this yellow wire to an on-off switch. A fiddly solution as you need to replace the built-in circuit board. It can be done. I have done it twice. The Megapoint guy has a video showing how he replaced the existing mechanism with a servo. Then he controls the semaphore with his Megapoint controller which even allows him to get the bounce effect.
  3. Sven-E

    Fry Model Railway

    Drove past Malahide Casio today. Since last time I was there they have put up a nice sign saying "Coming soon".
  4. Sven-E

    Wicklow Historical Railways

    Excellent map. Good for exploring sites and details of stations for inspiration.
  5. Looking at other forums this seems to be good news for Fleischmann. This event allows them to transfer the burden of 600 pension plans to the state. Supporting 600 pension plans in a company of 33 employees is quite taxing.
  6. Sven-E

    N Gauge T-Trak

    Thanks MikeO for sharing the photos. GSR800: Yes, you can make it as big as you have space for. The North Down show in Bangor allowed us to set up a really big layout with a length of 30 foot. Modules came from many individuals and clubs.
  7. Sven-E

    Masking tape paint issues

    Just got a tip about using ordinary document tape which is much cheaper. This advice comes from an very experienced modeller in Sweden. I haven't tried it yet as i only got the advice a few days ago but want to share it.
  8. Sven-E

    Modular OO Layouts

    Nice job. Looking forward to the Raheny show. Won't have time to contribute myself this time but hope to join in later.
  9. Sven-E

    Connolly Station in "N"

    Wow. Remember standing in that triangular courtyard during Open House and admiring those round windows. Looking forward to seeing it for real.
  10. Sven-E

    Modular OO Layouts

    A bit late but just to fill in with recent info on Fremo, they have now made a full specification available in English. See http://www.fremo-net.eu/h0_normentwurf.html?&L=6 There is also a section in Fremo who are doing 00. Their page is http://www.fremo-net.eu/00fremo.html?&L=6 Some pictures from one of their gatherings can be seen on https://secure.flickr.com/photos/91875255@N05/sets/72157644505284902/
  11. Sven-E

    Connolly Station in "N"

    Thanks Paul for sharing your work. Very impressed. Looking forward to seeing it completed.
  12. Sven-E

    Modular OO Layouts

    Great! Looking forward to meeting up with all of you to discuss and see your boards.
  13. Sven-E

    Modular OO Layouts

    Hi all, sorry for coming in late. Just haven't got started on this forum until now. I am one of the guys at the T-Trak exhibit at Blackrock and Dun Laoghaire shows. Although I am mainly an N-scale guy, I would like to participate in a large scale modular community, and if it has to be OO, then I'll work with that too. Having read through the thread now and the various proposals, I am a bit surprised that new modular standards are discussed instead of picking existing ones like Fremo or the N-Trak. Although it sounds like what is labelled as "Free-mo" sounds like N-Trak but I read much about either. Please don't invent something new. Use the experience that is built into the existing standards. Using existing standard allows us to meet up at international modular meets. I would like to see more thinking of what we want to do with these modules. It sounds like most people want to do diaramas and the DART line is one suggested theme. The rectangular shape of the modules is good for making sure that the back side lines up to allow for continuous running of the trains. This setup would be perfect for showing at exhibitions with minimal operational labour requirements. On the other hand, Fremo modules are not designed for continuous running. These layouts are all end-to-end with a few or many sidings. Focus is on the operational side with complex stations, time tables and shunting. I attended a Fremo meet in Sweden that ran over 4 days and the public was only invited in for a few hours on Saturday morning. This is very different to the Irish and British shows where the focus is on displaying beautiful layouts with minimal operation. I visited a Fremo-N-scale meet in Stuttgart a while back. The participants were separated in a DCC setup and an analogue one. The DCC people operated the trains and followed them around the layout. The DC people operated the layout through the stations and sent off the trains to the next station on the line. The operation modes were very different. Once we agree on what we want to do with a big modular layout, it will be easier to decide on a standard. And while I am at it, I have to declare that my main interest is in operation of trains more than landscaping. DCC comes with this wish of course. The T-Trak group of the SDMRC was set up to allow members practice landscaping in a manageable size. We did discuss scale but agreed on N scale only because of the size and portability. I hope this helps to get focus in the discussion. / Sven

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