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  1. rebelred

    IRM 2018 Range; 'Project 42' and Plough

    Hi guys, apologies for only responding to this now, I haven't been on the forum in a while.. the models/plans look fantastic & I am sure will be a resounding success, so well done & thanks for taking the risk so we can get to enjoy these fine models! I personally am looking forward to the 'Flats' & The Guinness wagons.. You can easily create a latter Ammonia Water Barrier Wagon, by spraying one of C-Rails's containers green, adding Decals & sticking it on to one of IRM's Flats so truly exciting times ahead! Just need to rob a bank now...
  2. rebelred

    IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    My Packs A,B,C & D got delivered to me yesterday evening, absolutely stunning models, delighted with them. Well worth the wait, thanks guys!
  3. rebelred

    IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    The 'Bubbles' after I had set them down in Thurles shortly before the cement was stopped by rail forever. Loved working the Cement jobs as they were grand & relaxing...except when they shunted you out of the way for a passenger train which was nowhere near ya Prefered working these babies though!!
  4. rebelred

    Glenderg's Projects

    Stunning!! So realistic
  5. rebelred

    IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    Hi George, Do you still do weathering?? I'm asking as I have a few items including the bubbles that I hope to be receiving in the post soon, to be weathered & I havn't seen anything from you on your FB page in a while. You did quite a few of my loco's & stock which were top class so would love you to do these aswell.. Martin.
  6. rebelred

    IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    I just want to complement you guys on your excellent customer service - Ye must be very busy getting these models made to such a high standard, arranging shipping/ deliveries as well as living yer own busy lives yet still take the time to answer emails & enquiries promptly. What impresses me most is ye keep us informed of any delays & explain the reasons why. 99% of us don't mind waiting for something, especially something like these beauties, once we are kept informed which ye have done at all times. So well done guys on not just designing & producing such excellent models, but also going about your business so professionally.
  7. rebelred

    IRM Bubble goes on sale

    Hi Fran, have no idea why it isn't being received at your end as it's telling me "message sent" Anyway, I've sent you my details by email so hopefully you'll get that!! ;-)
  8. rebelred

    IRM Bubble goes on sale

    PM sent
  9. rebelred

    IRM Bubble goes on sale

    Hi lads, Apologies if this question has been asked before but I've been 'offline' for the last few weeks due to a house move. I updated my details on my IRM account last night so is that all I need to do in regard to getting the bubbles sent to my new address or will I need to contact one of your good selves directly as the payment has already gone through under my old address??
  10. rebelred

    2700's New Lease of Life

    The worst tin buckets of sh@*e they ever got... uncomfortable, unreliable, non existant brakes, constant electrical issues, door problems & not to mention the smell of sewage through the HVAC system. They will regret bringing them back in to service..
  11. rebelred

    IRM Ballast Wagons

  12. rebelred

    071 supertrain livery

    Keep an eye out for 073 when she comes out of the paint shop....
  13. rebelred

    215 ex works

    Cheers Noel, I hadn't realised that she was back in for an overhaul as she was only repainted about 2 years ago. The dark grey on the undersides really suits the livery better than the light grey. Thanks guys for the comments.

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