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  1. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    My Packs A,B,C & D got delivered to me yesterday evening, absolutely stunning models, delighted with them. Well worth the wait, thanks guys!
  2. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    The 'Bubbles' after I had set them down in Thurles shortly before the cement was stopped by rail forever. Loved working the Cement jobs as they were grand & relaxing...except when they shunted you out of the way for a passenger train which was nowhere near ya Prefered working these babies though!!
  3. Glenderg's Projects

    Stunning!! So realistic
  4. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    Hi George, Do you still do weathering?? I'm asking as I have a few items including the bubbles that I hope to be receiving in the post soon, to be weathered & I havn't seen anything from you on your FB page in a while. You did quite a few of my loco's & stock which were top class so would love you to do these aswell.. Martin.
  5. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    I just want to complement you guys on your excellent customer service - Ye must be very busy getting these models made to such a high standard, arranging shipping/ deliveries as well as living yer own busy lives yet still take the time to answer emails & enquiries promptly. What impresses me most is ye keep us informed of any delays & explain the reasons why. 99% of us don't mind waiting for something, especially something like these beauties, once we are kept informed which ye have done at all times. So well done guys on not just designing & producing such excellent models, but also going about your business so professionally.
  6. 215 ex works

    Ex Works Loco no 215 straight from the bogie shop (Inchicore Style!) Thanks to Des from SSM for the Decals & excellent customer service! Also Riversuir for applying the decals for me - a right job removing the 'Intercity' logo. I've a few little painting details to do before she is properly finished.
  7. Ammonia wagon kit

    These baby's arrived yesterday by post so can't wait to start them. I'm a bit nervous as I've never even put an air fix kit together but Des assures me i'll be fine. His instructions are clear & precise to be fair & he has thought of everything! Wish me luck!!!
  8. Dapol & Bachmann Freight wagons

    Hi Lads, I'm looking to swop these for modern IE coaches , or freight wagons if anybody is interested???? They are in perfect condition, never used, they just don't fit in with my era of rolling stock.
  9. With the missus & Kids away for the weekend I started this new project.After hunting down this Loco Shed for so long I didn't want to leave it gathering dust in a box so decided to do a modular layout & the plan is to wire it up so i can move the Loco's in & out of the shed using a 'shuttle' system. The tracks are just laid down loose so i know what type of points & curves i need.i also need more Ballast mat so i just have a few smaller pieces down loose to give me an idea. im not really sure what to do with the right hand side of the Loco shed where the '5th' road is, maybe a freight yard or put down a road instead of track??? any suggestions i'd welcome. My next step is finish the ballast & buy all the tracks/points that are needed then tackle the ditches.I plan to put a hut beside the Loco shed besides the 1st road going flush with the ditch & put a stone wall on the flat part of the ditch beside the hut. I want to do a concrete floor in the loco shed but was wondering what the best material to use for this effect? Also the 201 class Locos don't fit in to the shed whereas the 071/141/181 locos do so i'm gonna haft to raise the shed doh! as I said any sugestions, tips are very welcome, hope i'm doing it right!!! :
  10. Deleting uploaded photos??

    Hi Lads, How do i delete the photos that i have already uploaded from my folder over the last few months??
  11. Hi lads, I'm hoping someone here might be able to help me out. I've been looking for the above 4 road engine road for ages now but I am having no luck,3 times I had it paid for only to be told it's out of stock!! I've found a few on sites in the UK but some are looking for ridiculous money to deliver it while the others are doing pick up only. Any help would be appreciated
  12. Dublin Bus x2

    2 Dublin Bus for sale, both are missing drivers wing mirror ( the wife's handywork!) But are otherwise perfect, I don't seem to have the box off the 'bendybus' Double Decker is a Limited Edition Alexander ALX400 bodied Denis Trident, the other is Volvo Wright Artic (AW3) €60 for both plus postage or I'd consider an exchange for other Bus Eireann or IE models.
  13. Modellers Bible??

    Can anyone recommend the best book that shows you all the tricks & tips on how to make a layout, like landscaping, scenery, track bedding etc... im also looking for one on how to do weathering aswell, I should state that im a complete novice so nothing too complicated please!!
  14. Murphy Models 141 Question

    Hi Lads, I'm wondering if someone could clear something up for me, on the info leaflet that comes with the MM 141 class model loco, it says that IE ordered 27 of the 141 class Locosbut how come the model I have is 177??? That would make at least 36 Locos!!! Anyone clear this up??

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