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  1. Model Rail Model of the Year 2017

    done. you better start putting up a little shelf
  2. New member looking for stockist

    Hi Darren, the Gathering in Limerick, use to have a small stock of buildings ect, not sure if they still stock any, might find some on adverts or donedeal, otherwise marks is your best bet
  3. Very nice indeed! Was the picture taken in Ennis?
  4. Hello all

    Hello everybody I have been looking at this site for for nearly over a year now, on and off, and its time i introduce myself, long overdue, I'm Martin from Clare. long time collector of Irish models, and trains=)) no layout, just collecting till i finally get one. i'm in awe of the work some of you are producing, model making, resprays, weathering, layout building. hope to make all of your acquaintance in time, till then keep up the good work all.

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