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  1. Australian Railways

    Not sure where to post theses photos. Putting them here as the Aussies still have the Union Jack on their flag, maybe the moderator will have other ideas. Anyway this is my attempt to model the railways of New South Wales in the 1960 - 70 period.
  2. tuby

    Evrybody both proposers and potential purchasers needs to be carefull here. I model Australian prototype and crowd funding is big over there given the small size of the market.There have been problems with delivery times which are seldom met, I am waiting nearly 4 years for delivery of a loco which I prepaid. Some of the bigger operators have influence but smaller less established ones can be left high and dry by the Chinese who seem to be all over the place at the moment. If the proposers place their order in say January 2015 it is extremely unlikely the model will be available until sometime in 2016. Just saying everybody should go into this with their eyes wide open.

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