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  1. Would'nt worry too much about Cork as a port. Relative to the rest of the country it is not a bit convenient and the road network around it is poor.The old Tivoli container terminal was never really that busy with import/export traffic and the port has a very mixed history with it's shipping services.
  2. tuby

    Freight in 93

    You can really see how major a role the Bell Company played in keeping the IE liner train network in business, huge disaster for IE Railfreight when they went bankrupt. Throw in the closure of Asahi and Nitrogen Eireann and over half the freight on that video has literally disappeared.
  3. Hey Blaine guess who was in the All Ireland Final last year? Noel has it right. If you want to model Irish then you have to accept compromises and in the current climate I suspect it will be a while before MM bring out a complete new model. A spot of weathering can hide a multitude.
  4. I find the livery quite fetching. It has the feel of a real railway livery as opposed to the rainbows on wheels that are all too frequent in recent times. Colour schemes should be simple and understated such as the old GNER on the east coast mainline or Strathclyde's maroon and cream. The old UTA/NIR red and white was probably the best livery on the island to date.
  5. tuby


    Getting like Germany 10 years ago. They only succeeded in cannibalising each other and look at the outcome. Little point in new entrants if they are only going to replicate existing models or compete with minor models of only limited appeal.
  6. Sorry ,wrong urlhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRhseqTP3Uk
  7. The Garrett looks great on your layout A4Mallard. You say that it is running on your old layout, did you have to dismantle it? If so that's a pity because it looks like a really great piece of work.
  8. For anyone modelling narrow guage he has a few of Co Donegal including Barnesmore Gap
  9. The back scene comes from a crowd called Backdrop Junction. He has put up a load of European back scenes on his website and they are based on photos he took in Ireland, could be very usefull for anyone modelling the Irish scene. Heirflick the loco in the photo is a 32 Class. There were 180 in the class and could be seen all over New South Wales up to the end of steam in 1972
  10. Thanks for the comments and tips Noel and my gratitude to Garfieldghost for the tidy up
  11. You are spot on Warbonnet. I bought one and became hooked on New South Wales prototype
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