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  1. minister_for_hardship

    Omagh archaeology.

    Site of an old dump, not necessarily of railway origin, could have come from anywhere in town. Would think if it did originate from the railway, they would be more inclined to cut something like that up rather than dump it in a hole.
  2. minister_for_hardship

    New Aer Lingus Livery

    I must be one of the few who really doesn't care what way the plane is painted, provided it gets me where I want to go for the cheapest price. I can't recall scrolling through Skyscanner and choosing a more expensive or inconvenient flight because I preferred the colour.
  3. minister_for_hardship

    New Aer Lingus Livery

    Colour schemes only matter to aethestes and plane 'spotters', the public, who help pay the bills, only care about how cheap fares are and the service they get, not what the outside of the plane looks like.
  4. minister_for_hardship

    The Little Sugarbeats

    Detail of photo of Carlow in 1960 of what I assume is Thurles No.3, all the Cockerill VB locos having been withdrawn by 1955/56. Faint trace of a light colour lining visible. Interestingly Carlow No 2 was transferred to Mallow in 1950, Mallow having two No 2s for a while. Mallow No 1 sent to Carlow as a stationary boiler in 1956. Thurles No 2 sent to Carlow in 1959 for same reason.
  5. minister_for_hardship

    The Little Sugarbeats

    RN Clements pic of Thurles No 1, small brass (?) '1' can be made out. No lining discernible. Sporting shunting hook and GSR/CIE style headlamp instead of the large continental type, as supplied when new. The smokebox lamp iron appears to have been omitted on the DCDR restoration.
  6. minister_for_hardship

    The Little Sugarbeats

    Brand new out-of-the-box Mallow No.1, no lining or tank numerals. Company painter hasn't gone near it yet, one assumes.
  7. minister_for_hardship

    The Little Sugarbeats

    Actually Mallow No 3 when I went looking. Seems to have an additional spark arrestor(?) atop the chimney as well. Faded CIE snail on wagon behind.
  8. minister_for_hardship

    The Little Sugarbeats

    I *think* I saw a pic of one with a bufferbeam number somewhere, perhaps one of the Tuam ones, will have to check.
  9. minister_for_hardship

    Modelling realistic Irish scenery

    Sorry, can't resist. This is actually in Co Sligo. Further examples, with commentary, can be found in Mc Mansion Hell (Irish Edition)
  10. minister_for_hardship

    Modelling realistic Irish scenery

    Anyone model a modern era McMansion yet? Some things unique or different to those found in Britain; schools and churches esp the faintly Art Deco 30s and 40s built ones, many still in use now. Vanishing or in declining numbers; combined grocery store/pub and/or hardware store. Combined small grocery store/filling station. Thatched or tin roofed dwellings or shops, think there may be some regional variations of thatched house. In country areas; Marian grottoes, graveyards with high crosses/tombs, ruined castles and 'big houses' with accompanying high walls and gate lodges. Ring forts, Megalithic monuments. Creamery buildings, many disused or repurposed now. 70s bungalows, traditional two story farm dwellings and the maligned McMansion.
  11. minister_for_hardship

    Irish tram models?

    Good find. The Cork tram is noted as an 00 gauge kit, but they were a strange gauge of 2 ' 11 7⁄16 " in reality to allow 3" gauge stock from the Muskerry and the Passage railways to run over the tramway system, which never actually happened in the end.
  12. minister_for_hardship

    Fry Model Railway

    Disappointed, but not surprised, unenlightened Ireland being what it is. One train set (sic.) is as good as the next it seems. From the post above it looks like it's going to be a new fangled "Interpretive Centre" rather than the Fry Model Railway we knew.
  13. minister_for_hardship

    OO Works 101 - Coming Closer!

    They carried the GSWR type doors that opened in two halves, the more usual doors with 'dart' opening handles and the typical GSR/CIE smokebox wheel so there's a few varieties. Wasn't 184 painted in an interpretation of GSWR lined green complete with cast numberplates when still on CIEs books?
  14. minister_for_hardship

    Cie parts

    Found a few more images online and they all either have '40' or '25' so must be a long service badge. The railways here didn't have those as far as I know but CIE bus drivers did get small star shaped ones for 10, 15, 25 years safe driving.
  15. minister_for_hardship

    Cie parts

    If German, the Crown would mean it's one of the old pre Deutsche Reichsbahn companies. Could be Royal Bavarian State Railway or something. Don't think it's 40 years service, 40 may be just the staff id number. The model loco appears to be carrying the old SNCB livery and logo.

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