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  1. Kilgarvan mafia, perhaps?

    Were there any sanctions for staff giving out or members of the public having circulars in their possession?
  2. Media hysteria or not? Snow next week

    Have seen pics of abandoned and upside down cars that clearly should have stayed at home and personally saw an occurance with a pair of idiots in a car at the top of a steep hill which could have ended VERY badly if they didn't manage to stop where they did. The simple fact is this country is not used to or set up for such conditions, there would be absolute carnage if drivers were given carte blanche to drive whenever and wherever they liked.
  3. J15 186

    Typical Ireland. This is why we can't have nice things.
  4. SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch

    What was the point of the car as payload? Resembles a student rag week stunt (albeit an expensive one)
  5. 12 inch to the foot model

    Many people on this site would love for a project like this to come to something, but Ireland is nothing like the uk in terms of population or level of interest in such things. The history of preservation here is littered with abandoned projects and bust-ups.
  6. P & T vans 1950-60 era

    I think the other vans are Fordson E83W / Thames vans, easily available as 00 models. Both VW and the Ford were favoured van types for the ESB Rural Electrification.
  7. P & T vans 1950-60 era

    Have one. Far too large for 00 scale. The P&T also used VW vans, available in 00 scale in Hattons, paint and decal up your own.
  8. David's Workbench

    A real-life Ford T with added weatherproofing.
  9. 12 inch to the foot model

    Moyasta has designs on bringing Lady Edith back. The Donegal tanks (e.g. Meenglas) are quite large machines in Irish NG terms, a 4-4-0T type would be more manageable.
  10. 12 inch to the foot model

    Unless it is based on a railway where it can recoup costs I can't see this working. 'Sharing' it between the small pool of existing ng preserved lines is a recipe for squabbling. There might be a case for a broad gauge new-build but either way I very much doubt the necessary cash could be raised in the first place.
  11. Abandoned Eurostar

    In days gone by, old stock would be cascaded down to secondary duties or sold off to developing countries. I guess the amount of technical gimcracks that would need to be sorted precludes this?
  12. Fry Model Railway

  13. Union Pacific Loco Storage.

    And the lack of stone throwing vandals in the desert.
  14. Chetwynd Viaduct

    On a number of lines built as single lines, there was room left for doubling if the need arose, which probably never happened. Would agree with jhb, would be a little too tight to be double, plus the earthworks around it would need to take double track as well if that were the case.

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