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  1. GSR Class 551 / J26 ECMbuild in 7mm

    Oddly enough, there's a similar sized tube attached to the inside of the cab of 'Merlin'.
  2. CIE bus liveries, an oddity

    They had an intermediate logo IIRC, just 'CIE' in bold letters on a white rectangle, used on road freight vehicles, some general publicity and lasted into the 80's in the form of a cap badge.
  3. CIE bus liveries, an oddity

    Except for the CIE broken wheel on green of course.
  4. CIE bus liveries, an oddity

    Just when you think you had seen them all, pic gleaned from a FB group. Photographer unknown.
  5. https://marklinstop.com/2011/12/marklin-at-carinhall-hermann-goerings-miniature-railway/
  6. Question re Irish Railways over Christmas

    How long has it been since train services ran on the 25th/26th?
  7. Athlone (MGWR) Open Day

    http://www.athlone.ie/visit/open-day-at-midland-great-western-railway-station/ The Midland Great Western Railway station, Grace Road, Athlone, will open 2.30-5pm on Saturday, November 19th to launch a new radio series about the railway in Athlone called The Railway Children. The station has been closed to the public since 1985 and holds fond memories for locals. The event will include a guided tour which will allow access to the old platform, railway memorabilia, tea and snacks, and radio presenter Noel Henry will be taking song requests for his Through The Years programme.
  8. 1:1 Station building for sale

    Loo Bridge, Co. Kerry. http://www.sherryfitz.ie/residential/for-sale/49665
  9. Lough Swilly Royal Tiger coach

  10. Noticed a few photos going around of new and nearly new GM diesels (already equipped with electric lighting) sporting steam-era oil headlamps. Also there are CIE publicity shots of a 001 in SuperTrain garb and modern electric lights also carrying white-painted oil lamps. When did oil headlamps cease to be used? Not counting RPSI specials and similar here.
  11. New (to me) CIE tour bus

    http://exclusivefirsteditions.blogspot.ie/2015/05/in-shops-may-2015_26.html http://www.ebay.ie/itm/261932492836
  12. GS&WR express locomotives query

    Leafing though photos of GS&WR locos, wondered why the express locos in particular got a pair of lamp irons on the smokebox door. Some carried them into early GSR days, before being removed or the doors were replaced. Never seen any pics of them having a headboard or even lamps on them. What was the purpose? Some long forgotten and short-lived headlamp code? http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-unHigzNWtHU/VG3CRijsBlI/AAAAAAAADho/YZiSHinoig8/s1600/Killarney%2BExpress%2BGSWR%2BLoco%2BPublishing%2BCo.%2Bpc.JPG The singleton "Sir William Goulding" got them too... http://www.maunsell.org.uk/newsletter/newsletter%20images/13line_drg.gif
  13. Just wondering.... know that the Tramore had some positively antique rolling stock well into GSR days and the Waterford & Central Ireland had a lot of 4 wheelers, the W&CIR were reputed to have the worst passenger stock in the country, but how long did they last until? (Not counting 4 wl heating vans or Schull & Skibb ng stock here)
  14. Possible Irish conversion job?

    How far away would this be from an ex-WL&LR (or B&CDR) tank I wonder? The flat-topped dome jars a little...

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