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  1. Daimler APC and Leyland fire engine.

    Will that mm set be available anytime in mark's models?, or only at shows, certainly want a pack
  2. 141 Black

    Yes 181 class, just offered as alternative, I'll keep an eye out for 141 black
  3. 141 Black

    Hi branno, I have 2 192s orange/black, 1spare if u want,
  4. Correct paints?

    Anyone know the correct paints names/codes, for class 800 (K29)kit by studio scale models, and where can buy, please
  5. It's Great to hear about new products early enough, just not to many seasons ahead of completion, gives something nice to look forward to. Thanks
  6. IRM Cement Bubble Wagons

    Starting to look well, got mine yesterday thinking of weathering to, what do you think about using actually cement dust on, its very fine dust
  7. Dart service

    Hi, is the Dart running from Connolly to Blackrock this weekend or is there maintenance work happening, i heard
  8. Service needed

    Hi, I'm looking to have a plough wagon brass kit built from studio scale models and maybe even painted, must be done to high standards, anyone interested, please and thanks
  9. 4th project announced?

    I see 4th project announced on IRM, but not saying what is yet
  10. Does anyone know name/number of red oxide paint for 30 ton brakevan, also where to buy, thanks
  11. Anyone got a PW722/723.....small 'inspection' yellow cab for sale, if so please post me, Thanks
  12. Does anyone make the Irish rail small 'inspection' yellow cabs PW 722,723,704,734....
  13. Can anyone please tell me where to get decal transfers for IE autoballasters, Thanks
  14. can anyone please tell me who sells yellow paint for respray of the IE autoballasters.
  15. 181s wanted!

    I'm looking to buy some 181s or running numbers above if there are any sellers? Please

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