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    Born on a small island off Ireland. Brought up in Ireland, living beside the old SLNCR line in north Leitrim.


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    oo gauge railway modelling. rugby


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  1. Kitchenerg


  2. I have done a bit more with my 4mm SLNCR layout.


    dromahair station 1966.jpg

    Photo03_1 Dromahair.jpg

    WP_20180317_19_52_56_Pro (3).jpg


    1. Galteemore


      Very nice - good evocation of the 7:20 mixed! My grandparents are buried in Dromahair and my family still farm between there and Manorhamilton. I’ve just finished a station building inspired by Dromahair. Glad to see another SLNC fan


  3. You may be interested in my page. kitchenerg
  4. I have put an extra siding on my Dromahair station to accommodate the eagerly awaited arigna branch!
  5. Work has been slow but nearly at the point of more photos. Have been making some old carriages, dromahair station house and intend to run an rpsi special with A class 39 over the route.
  6. Something worth thinking about was the presence of the ESB Power station at Arigna. this ran in the seventies and eighties on the remaining coal/lignite deposits at Arigna. Worth googling. it would make a good industrial diorama.
  7. Have you seen the utube clip by neilr3 of his railcar.
  8. Hi. New member posting a few shots of my attempt to reproduce the SLNCR in oo gauge.[attachment=:name]
  9. Hi David. Yes 4mm is proving to be a challenge. I have had a good look around the internet but most will have to be stratch built I think. I have a rail-car B from a guy who made one in the north of england, needs a bit more work before it will run. I also managed to get hold of an LMS flatiron 0-6-4 which is pretty close to Lough Erne and Melvin which I am going to remodel at some point. i go over to Ireland two or three times a year to visit my parents in Dromahair and always pop in to Head Hunters (see website) barbers in Enniskillen. They have most memorablia of the SLNCR and also the GNRi. The rest I get from the usual books. Sprinks etc. I also popped in to the RSPI in Whitabbey to see Lough Erne in her retirement. If I ever win the lottery she will be restored. Gary.
  10. Lovely to see someone else interested in the Sligo Leitrim. I am in the process of constructing a oo gauge model of the SLNCR based around two stations, Manorhamilton and Dromahair. have included wiers bridge outside enniskillen. Still in the early stages but will show some snaps later. I grew up in Dromahair and knew many of the people who lived and worked on the line. Your models look so accurate compared to mine, very jeolous but love to see such good work. Gary
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