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  1. Co-incidentally the May issue of New Irish Lines arrived at lunch time with drawings of three DSER wagons including that van! A 3d printed version is available on Shapeways so I might invest in a few to kick start my van stock (1x GSR, 1X GSWR, 1xDSER) there's enough differences to make the distinct.
  2. I love that van David the photo in Rails to Achill caught my eye too, I didn't realise the GSWR also had them, can you point me the way of a photo?
  3. Angus

    The 5p workbench

    The first bit of progress to report. The bearing holes have been successfully broached out. I was dubious that there would enough brass on the etches to accommodate the standard 2mm association phosphor bronze bearings but there was. Just. I've used the standard approach of double sided PCB frame spacers, in this instance 8mm wide to allow for the broader Irish gauge. All clamped and ready for solder (I can only find one of my axle alignment rods so I bodged one of the axles, I'll need to find my other rods before I attack the loco chassis, I'm not bodging that!)
  4. Angus

    The 5p workbench

    Looking to start work on the 101 class requires some research as these loco varied a lot in condition through their lives. So which one should I model? I've spent some pleasant hours in the past few days wading through my relevant books, The tome that obviously missing is the recent Locomotives of the GS&WR, it has been ordered and is eagerly awaited. I'm intending to focus around the Sligo area which offers rich pickings for the modeller, as evidenced by the work of David Holman and Galteemore. The GSWR (WL&WR), MGWR and SLNCR all ran into Sligo with a strong presence
  5. Thanks JHB, as informative as ever. In fairness to the manufacturer the black and red are their standard finishes which are correct for most of the plates they produce. So to recap for a 101 class in the late 20's I should have the build date (say 1874) but for a Midland engine of the same time period I should have no script at the bottom of the plate. I'll my order placed, plain brass of course as they are going to be painted grey!
  6. There has been discussion on numerous topics about the GSR number plates, all relating to colour. As I understand it the majority of the plates were simply painted grey, some with the lettering and border polished back to metal (not brass!) some simply painted yellow. A few had the backgrounds painted black with the lettering and borders picked in red. My question is on the lettering itself. The Light Railway Stores (formerly Narrow Planet) produce some customisable GSR plates and they have kindly agreed to make these available in 2mm scale for me: https://www.lightrailways
  7. I've decided to create a workbench thread as I expect my Irish modelling to outlive my Dromahair layout and its associated topic (layout always feels too grand a word for a 2' long module!). I'm hoping it will act a reference should anyone else be mad keen enough to model Irish Railways in 2mmFS to 10.5mm gauge. The initial builds will be: a 101 class from a shot down TMD/SSM 4mms scale etch to be built in early GSR condition and C class diesel built form a 3d printed body and a converted commercial Japanese N-scale chassis. I've also a couple of six
  8. Thanks both, Apologies for the late reply, I had the slightly bizarre experience of going into the office today. It has been so long since I used IrishRM on my phone that it no longer recognises me and I couldn't remember my password. I'm normally confident enough to tackle most kits without instructions (whilst acknowledging the always help, especially if you actually read them....) but the 101 class etch boggles the mind! I'm also pleased you've identified the chassis Mayner, I had assumed it was 4-6-0 (or 0-6-4) but hadn't found a prototype with the appropriate wheelbase. Yo
  9. The MGWR vans have been taken as far as I can go at present, apologies for the photo quality, natural light is hard to come by at this time! I had some lettering made up using standard fonts, not shaded but I think I can get away that in 2mm. I've included the 5p just for David The wording "to run with passenger trains" is almost legible which is a tribute to the printing skills of Rail-tec transfers who produced the lettering. I just need some numbers to match but they are currently out of stock of the ones I need. Once I have these I can seal the vans and apply some we
  10. Thanks Mayner, that's really helpful information. My railway library is already overflowing and it is difficult to justify spending £20 on a book just to get the livery details for one wagon. Presumably the lettering and fonts are similar on the grey wagon?
  11. Hi Galteemore, the wagon has 20thou sides, so 0.5mm or scale 3" thick.
  12. A bit of progress is being made on finishing some stock already built. These MGWR vans attracted a bit of attention when first built. Inspired by David Holman's recent MGWR mail train build I've decide to finish them in pre-GSR colours. This probably means I'll have to backdate the layout to early GSR days at the least. It would give me the opportunity to run a mix of liveries although the thought of lining out a loco in 2mm does bring on a cold sweat! I've just realised I've painted the solebars underframe colour as a steel underframe rather than body colour for a wooden
  13. Well it's nearly a year since any progress on Dromahair but work is back underway. To be honest, the module's future was looking doubtful for a while. It was being built for the 2mm Scale Association's Diamond Jubilee Layout competition originally scheduled to be judged at the Association's annual meet in June 2020, this was rescheduled for June 2021 which was also cancelled. The competition was aimed at building something as either a toe in the water for newcomers to the scale or letting modellers try something new, hence the opportunity to try something Irish in 10.5mm gauge.
  14. that looks absolutely superb David! The plates finish it off nicely.
  15. Hi David, Allen already does these in other scales, I have a couple of 2mm scale ones under way, albeit not touched them for 6 months or so. I've also built some of his non-Irish coaches and loco bodies. If you you email him he will produce them, if you are lucky and he is preparing stuff for the next batch for the etchers turn around can be quite quick. As you've noted the kits are scratch aids and only contain the basics for the body but do save a lot of work if you were stating from a blank of brass or plastic.
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