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  1. If I ever come across an old hornby 9f as a restoration project a might give it this look, unique to say the least.
  2. A 'Nazi 9f' spotted on a preserved line (NYMR) for Indiana Jones 5 (Indiana and the Knee Replacement) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2R8V8QK7ybg
  3. It's a complicated company with a complicated history. The mixed feelings are understandable as their output is very uneven. All said though, I'm delighted to see Airfix get a sales boost. Hornby has become a custodian of a lot of those older and much loved brands.
  4. Sales up globally, good news all round. https://chicago.suntimes.com/business/2021/2/10/22276171/covid-pandemic-scale-models-model-making-miniature-trains-coronavirus-airfix-hornby-peco
  5. I've alway thought a little documentary about Jouef in Ireland would be great, I should get off my arse and think about making it.
  6. I did one myself before, which might be one you are think of, but it wasn't great . . .
  7. Nice, would love an OO parochial house. Somebody needs to do one . . . . .
  8. Jaysus, it's gone mad again for that stuff. I remember prices like that about 10 years ago for the HDI stuff. I got lucky a few years ago, €80 for a CIE bobo and €50 for 3 coaches, seems to fluctuate quite a bit.
  9. Just finished building the 'Castle Hall' kit from this series, really nice kit, great depth and detail, especially in the windows and doors. Metcalfe stuff is usually decent anyways and very sturdy. I wonder is there anyway I could convince them to do Father Ted's House or Fawlty Towers in kit form.
  10. What's going on here??? £405 ?? Surely not? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Murphy-Models-141-class-loco-156-IR-Irish-Rail-livery-ex-CIE-DCC-fitted/114265029224?hash=item1a9ab9fa68:g:wXIAAOSw1s9e6276
  11. Cheers Jason, one line wired up, 3 to go. You'd be surprised how quick it is when you are using sectional track only, no cutting and not that much measuring, once you get the inside line down where you want it it just flows.
  12. Yip, there's something about the peco ones that does it for me! I suppose it's all fuelled by nostalgia. I'm the kind of weirdo who buys old lima and hornby catalogues and flicks through them pretending I'm 10 years old again. That's a dapol crane alright, the tooling like you said is very old, but they still look good for the money.
  13. Not at all, I tend the use whatever I have, I grew up lusting after lima and hornby stuff in model shops so it's left a sort of misplaced loyalty, no doubt other manufacturers make better stuff. The metcalfe signal box is quite nice. My layout is basically a really big train set with a very 80's approach, which is a reflection on when I was growing up. The little signal box I've has since I was a nipper so it's always been on a layout in some way.
  14. Why I love sectional track, it's just like putting a big train set together, all the geometry has been worked for idiots like me.
  15. Track down - 4 lines down with 5 very long siding, some of which are between the third and fourth radius as I brought line out wider to create that space. Layout can have 9 full length trains now. Still room for more sidings and the possibility of a fifth line. Anyone offended by sectional track should look away now!
  16. I'm not an expert by any means but once the turntable wasn't any wider than 1ft you be able to use the nearest exits above an below the 180 degree position which might give you 4 exits on either side depending on the turntable. The hornby turntable wouldn't be great, it's very noisy and clunky.
  17. Wait, how do you move it to a different thread??
  18. I'm on about the old peco printed back scenes, they look very 1970's and I love them for some reason, I think it's from childhood, not very Irish looking I know apart form some of the country scenes which would pass.
  19. Cheers Noel, Yes back scenes and low relief buildings are a must for me, they add so much. I'm a sucker for the old peco ones, rather than photo realistic ones. I find the trouble with a photo realistic one is that if your layout isn't super detailed and accurate they can look out of place.
  20. Moving along . . track laying this weekend hopefully
  21. The boards are 2ft wide all round, handy that way as they were split from 8x4. The width of the room is 13ft so the long edge is 13ft long, the dept is 10ft, I could not go anymore than 10ft on the short edge as it would block access to the water tank. It's a good space alright, my last one was made exactly the same way but we could only go 7ft on the short edge, 10ft on the long edge. A 2ft width can easily fit 1st-4th radius and till have room for passing loops or long sidings. In fact on my last layout a squeezed in a 5th line using jouef 12inch radius track which could run p
  22. Cheers, I don't know would my skill set allow for realistic clouds, but it would look great alright. Track laying soon.
  23. Winging it, more fun that way! won't be too faraway from the old layout which had a whopping 6 lines and 15 full length trains.
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