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  1. Jaw dropping pure magic Eoin. Continued congratulations on this piece of modelling magnificence. You are a true master of your craft and your work will justifiably sit happily alongside other wonderful masterpieces for the enjoyment of current generations and generations yet to come. . Very well done indeed Eoin!
  2. Wonderful craftsmanship and amazing attention to detail Eoin. You’re the real deal. This is world class work! Very well done!
  3. Congratulations to all the lads at Accurascale. Great achievement after such a short time! Very well done!
  4. Bentleypat

    Vote for IRM!

    Completed. All the very best lads!
  5. Congratulations to the team at IRM on their outstanding achievement, richly deserved.
  6. Thanks for the replies George and Dave. I’m new to railway modeling so I look forward to catching the spirit of hobby at the show.
  7. Is there a calendar of events on the Forum that I haven’t found yet? When is next Talbot Hotel event?
  8. If anybody else has a 201 River Shannon mm201 in mint condition for sale, I’d be interested. Many thanks Pat
  9. Thanks for the info Railer. My question therefore should have been “what coaches best complement the standard 2A to make a set?” Pat
  10. Got sorted on standard coaches thanks to member. Still on lookout for Restaurant, EGV and Composite - Murphy Models Mark 2A either IR or IE liveries. Many thanks Pat
  11. Hi Railer if you still have this next month, I’d be very interested. I’ve exhausted this months budget on other Murphy Models items and this is the only 201 livery I’m missing. Many thanks Pat
  12. Thanks Noel. If you come across some more please let me know.
  13. Hi all i too am interested in getting some Mark 2As in IR livery preferably but IE would be absolutely fine also. Many thanks Pat
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