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  1. Bentleypat


  2. Great news Eoin, thanks. Lots to look forward to!
  3. Shop Local to Keep Local We are privileged to have such a wealth of of experience and exceptional levels of individual and collective services on our own doorstep. This dedicated community has served us well over the years and deserves every ounce of support we can give them!
  4. Oops, sorry Dave......put it down to over excitement!
  5. I think the series you’re referring to was titled Iarnrod Uladh ( produced by Waddell Media and aired on TG4) https://www.inishowennews.com/012SwillyRailway009.htm
  6. Simply outstanding workmanship by a Master Craftsman. No superlatives do full justice to your endeavours, Eoin. It’s a privilege to chat when we meet occasionally!
  7. What’s the difference between both sound chips?
  8. Magnificent result Eoin. Very well done on this superb build and finish!
  9. Voted! You deserve this one lads!
  10. Awesome lads! Be justifiably proud as you’ve set the new benchmark! Congratulations!
  11. Sorted! Wishing you the very best for a well deserved win!
  12. Beyond impressive! The Gold Standard for sure! Continued congratulations!
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