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Stolen in England

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I'm cross posting from another forum where a member has had three locos stolen incase they are offered to anyone reading this forum:

1. Hornby dublo.
Very rare;
1948-9 Silver label Southern Railways tank loco with 1/2 inch motor.
Silver label on rear of bunker: Hornby by Meccano.
marked EDL7 in casting underneath.
colour dark green (Malachite)
Distinctive wear on number plate where it was stored in box.

2. Hornby dublo
Rare in this condition.
1948-9 Gold label: Hornby by Meccano.
Horseshoe motor LMS tank loco.
colour: black

3 Hornby dublo,
about 1957-9 loco (no tender)
Mallard in British Rail green, mazak wheels.
casting number EDL 11.

If these turn up or have been offered to you,
the police crime number Thames Valley 1322 13/7/21

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Anti-theft security microchip modules.

'Home of 'O' gauge included 1 security module and one record card, with every locomotive kit and RTR locomotive they sold.  In their 02/03 catalogue they cost, 1 for    £9.95,  5 for £45.00,  10 for 85.00.   Since HOG has closed,  I have searched the internet but failed to find any for sale.   With all the new Irish locomotives around, especially at exhibitions and being aware of the number of break-ins,  we should try to protect our models.    The security microchip module  is a glass capsule, 12.5mmx2.5mm,  with a tiny antenna and a microchip with an unique hexadecimal serial number,  which can be read by a scanner which all police have nowadays.  If the stolen property is found, it can be returned to the owner.   The module can be glued in a hidden place in the locomotive and painted over.

Does anyone know if these modules are available?   They may be smaller now-a-days.    Some insurance companies give a discount when items are microchipped.


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