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You know those increasing energy costs you had to pay recently...................

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18 hours ago, spudfan said:

A lot of European electricity is generated using natural gas instead of coal and that is in short supply. Pray for a mild winter or there will be a shortage by Feb 2022. That said there is some regulation between supply and cost. During an unexpected winter storm in Texas in early 2021, the Texas grid went down due to unprecedented demand, (and lack of winterization, general maintenance, an expected peak in summer, and lack of regulation et al.) . The temperature plummeted and prices instantly soared and those with power on a variable rate were paying $9/kW for several days. That not a typo, you'll need a calculator for the bill ($3-5k)

15 hours ago, Georgeconna said:

So much for Green Environmental concerns, All to keep the Rich shareholders in the green. ( I must admit though I hate the OHLE)

Agree about the OHLE and I used to think the same of wind turbines but they have become a necessary ugliness on the landscape

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