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Glenfarne Station for Sale. Great photos

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It’s a beautifully done project - hard to tell where the old station and the extension join. Last time I was there, the goods shed did not look as if the same care had gone into its conversion. The next station along at Belcoo is similarly well looked after - by a lady who knows its significance and has done lovely work with it. Manorhamilton and Dromahair aren’t quite so charmingly presented! Intriguingly the owners of the latter and Florencecourt have both chosen to move the main door from the original left hand bay to the middle bay. 


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That is stunning. What a fabulous restoration. Astonishing price too - over here you could probably add a zero to it in some parts of the country!

 We're it mine however, not sure I'd want to share it with paying guests, while Mrs H is not keen on some of the dark wallpaper(!) The floors are stunning though, as is the preservation of all the original features. So, where would there railway room go...?

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Definitely calling out for a track panel or two of 5’3. Could do what this bloke has done….in SLNC two tone green…


I’d probably convert the signal cabin into a workshop upstairs - lots of light ! And use the locking room below as a layout room..,

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