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Not surprised to see him sacked. It is so in line with everything Abramovich has done over the last three seasons. Win the FA Cup, Premier league, Champions league, get sacked. My brother supports Chelsea and he is thinking of cancelling his membership if Benitez gets the job.



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Well, they have Rafa and I think they are fortunate that they do. The only man who can bring Torres back for them, if that is possible at this stage.


+1. Rafa got some stick in the past, not really sure why. Sure, Inter was a disaster, but when you follow the special one and have a meddling owner it is always going to be. I'm sure he'll be fine with Chelski...... :P


Seriously though, the only big mistake he made as 'pool boss for me was alienate Alonso. His final season was poor, but there was a civil war occurring in the boardroom, and it was bound to affect the whole club. Now our current manager reckons finishing in a similar position (7th) this season would be fantastic. Just shows how far Liverpool have fallen.


I still think the big problem with Torres is the service and style of play. Chelsea were not set up to get the best out of him when they 1st signed him, now his confidence is shot to pieces. I would love to see him back on Merseyside in January, fat chance of that happening mind you. He really did join the wrong club.

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I think Benitez has a good track record at his past clubs excluding Inter. I think the alienation between himself and some of the other players was summed up when he substituted Torres in a game and Gerrard was stood hands on hips saying what the hell is he doing. He was gone shortly after that. Robbie Fowler and Jason McAteer were over here a few weeks ago and said similar feelings among other players had crept into the dressing room.


Torres was a bit like Shevchenko Chelsea paid an over inflated price for him and stunned his confidence. The problem at Chelsea isn't the players, coaches, or managers. It's Abramovich he has no patience and he is obsessed with Pep Guardiola. Most Chelsea fans dislike Benitez because of past wars of words. I'm sure that if he gets them out of this current slump a lot more fans will come around.



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